Thursday, June 21, 2007


* = Undergraduate co-author

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Articles Under Review

Daniels, E. A., & Zurbriggen, E. L. (under revision). The price of sexy: Viewers’ perceptions of a
sexualized versus non-sexualized Facebook profile photograph.

Articles in Preparation

Daniels, E. A., & Zurbriggen, E. L. Sexualization on Facebook: Why do girls post sexy profile photos?

Daniels, E. A., & Sherman, A. M. Women in appearance-based vs. non-appearance-based
professions: Whom do teens evaluate more positively?

Daniels, E. A., & Porzelius, L. Gendered messages in preteen and teen girl magazines.

Daniels, E. A. What girls take off the field: Late adolescent women's important memories of involvement in physical activities.

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Frederick, D., Niles, A., Daniels, E. A., Elssesser, K., & Lever, J. Sexual objectification in the workplace.

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