Monday, May 28, 2012

Media Coverage


  • 2013, August 13. Interview on Huffpost Live. “Sports Key to Women’s Success.”
  • 2013, June 29. Interview on Global Debate WISDOM, National Broadcast Corporation in Japan. “For women to have it all.”
  • 2012, December 3. Interview on myWindow with Kristi Miller.
  • 2012, February 9. Interview on Good Morning Central Oregon.
  • Belmonte, K. “Research blog: Sexualized female athletes & the impact on young women.” July 15, 2013.
  • Houtman, N. “Sex in play: From dolls to sports, sexualized culture affects youth.” Terra magazine. January 23rd, 2013.
  • DuBois, S. “Sex, muscles and basketball: How do you sell a woman?” Fortune Magazine/CNN Money. August 28, 2012.
  • Central Oregon Family News. “Raising healthy girls, part I.”  Local Views and Events. June 2012.
  • Central Oregon Family News. “Raising healthy girls, part II.”  Local Views and Events. July/August, 2012.
  • Freakonomics. “The consequences of athletes in bikinis.” March 30, 2012.
  • Jarrett, C. “How do girls and women feel when they see sexualised or sporty images of female athletes.” The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest. March 29, 2012.
  • Shewmaker, J. “Protect this house: Who will? Females as objects vs agents.” April 4, 2011.
  • McNeill, E. “Research shows positive media images do a world of good.” Marketing, media, and childhood. November 1, 2010.

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